How to stop my cupcakes from sticking to their cupcake wrappers?

  • I have found that every time I make cupcakes (or muffins, cornbread & hot dog muffins, etc) that the paper liner sticks to the finished cupcake. I know its not me because the Tim Hortons 'muffins' also stick to their liners.

    How do I fix this?

    You want to kill the experience of scraping the remainder of muffin from the wrapper with spoon/fingers/teeth? You barbarian!

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  • derobert

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    10 years ago

    Isn't that normal?

    I suppose if it's causing a problem, you could use a non-stick (teflon, etc.) muffin pan, without the paper liners.

    You could also try silicone-coated (parchment) liners. A quick check reveals that e.g., Amazon sells them.

    <purist>cornbread shall be cooked in preheated cast iron, and if that's sticking, you need to season your cast iron properly.</purist>

    Thanks... and they were muffins with cut up hot dogs and corn... really good... and bite sized :D

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