What is a substitute for red or white wine in a recipe?

  • If someone cannot or will not use wine for cooking, what would be a good substitute?

    Question applies to both red and white wine.

    If the reason is possible alcohol exposure, be aware that in any recipe in which the wine is cooked, the alcohol content is quite low because the alcohol boils away. Alcohol boils evaporates at a much lower temperature than water, so even a couple of minutes of simmering on low temp will boil most of the alcohol off.

    @tomjedrz : Boiling off alcohol is a myth. Your only good way is to reduce the alcohol before any other liquid is added. See http://cooking.stackexchange.com/questions/659/cooking-away-alcohol/672#672

    With respect to cooking alcohol away, if someone is a recovering alcoholic, even a small amount is enough to cause a problem. Better to err on the side of caution and use a substitute.

  • For white wine, try:

    • chicken broth/stock
    • vegetable stock
    • white grape juice
    • ginger ale
    • canned mushroom liquid
    • diluted white wine or cider vinegar

    For red wine, try:

    • beef or chicken broth/stock
    • diluted red wine vinegar
    • red grape juice
    • tomato juice
    • canned mushroom liquid

    A great list of substitutions for cooking with various alcoholic ingredients may be found here.

    You often don't want to use just one replacement -- eg, a mix of fruit juice (apple, grape) and stock will give you some of the fruitiness you'd have gotten from the wine without being overpowering. With possibly a splash of cider vinegar or lemon juice to brighten up the flavors.

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