How long does pancake batter last in the fridge?

  • I'm making a packet mix of pancake batter that doesn't lend itself to partial mixes - it's hard to split "1 egg" as an ingredient. How long would pancake batter last in the fridge? Even if it's a worst case of a day or two, I'd still like to know.

    I ended up using it the next day and the pancakes were fine. Judging by the comments I wouldn't want to leave it much more than that.

  • Cajunluke

    Cajunluke Correct answer

    10 years ago

    Bisquick-originated pancake and waffle batter lasts a day, two at the most.

    Data: in college, I made pancakes or waffles every day for a year and a half, making the batter on day 1 and then cooking it on days 1, 2, and 3. Once in that time I got sick on Day 3. Based on that experience, more than 24 hours is getting sketchy, though 48 seems to work most of the time.

    I doubt that the batter would actually start to spoil after 3 days, unless the ingredients (in particular, milk) were already on their way out when you prepared the batter. More likely, you got sick from some other cause. But, as many of the other answers point out, you lose a lot of the important properties of the batter after just a day that can affect _food quality_.

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