How can I know how long home-cooked food will stay good in fridge?

  • As through the week we too busy to cook we have gotten the idea of cooking a big bunch of food in the weekend, storing it in the fridge and eat it later in the week.

    I am a bit concerned how long things will stay good in the fridge. For example mashed potatoes (which is prepared with milk), minced meat steaks or a cream-based sauce.

    Are there any general rules of thumb that can be used to estimate how long things will stay good? And are there any 'dangerous' foods, foods that can be spoiled but not show any mold or smell strange, but are not good to eat?

  • Allison

    Allison Correct answer

    10 years ago

    Food tends to become unpleasant before it becomes actually dangerous. I would try to eat things within 3 days of making them, though that's just my personal guideline and isn't based on any scientific data. If you aren't going to eat it that quickly, freezing it after it's been cooked and thawing it the day you want to eat it is probably a better idea.

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