Should Chorizo Be Peeled Before Cooking?

  • For years I've been chopping up Chorizo and cooking it, with no other preparation. I've recently been told that I've been doing it wrong and should peel the Chorizo first. It's pain to peel, and I've not noticed any difference.

    What is the skin of a Chorizo sausage made of, and should it be removed before cooking or not?

  • slim

    slim Correct answer

    10 years ago

    Certainly, no chorizo skin is going to poison you. On that basis, if you're happy with your results, then carry on.

    I have used chorizo where the papery skin peels off quite easily -- but I have never seen a need to remove it.

    Thanks, the Chorizo I've been using only has a papery skin and I'd never thought about taking it off until someone said I should. I think I'm going to stick with leaving it on.

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