How long should I cook pork for (at 100° C)?

  • I have a pork shoulder cooking in the oven right now at 100° C (212° F). I was planning on roasting it for 7 hours, will this be long enough to cook it safely?

    I saw the FDA chart about minimum internal temperatures - but am not sure how to translate that to oven temperature/time.

    I edited the temperature assuming that the C one was correct, since that one was in the title as well; if you've actually got it in there at 180° F (usually the lowest any oven will go), then that is *way* too low, you'll probably have to leave it in there for a whole day.

  • 100°C for 7 hours sounds just about perfect. The meat will be meltingly tender by then. In fact I think you could go even lower on the temperature if you like, say 80°C or 90°C. Of course, if you want to be absolutely sure, check with the thermometer, but unless you know that your oven is unreliable or you happen to be in possession of the largest pig shoulder in the world I am 100% sure it will be more than done in 7 hours on 100°C. Good luck!

    Thanks for the reply, after 7 hours, the meat was just beautiful! (And I checked with the thermometer jic, it registered 170, so yes, I maybe could have gone a little lower.)

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