Which oils or fats make the crispiest roast potatoes?

  • Which oil or fat is the best option for crispy on the outside fluffy on the inside roast potatoes?

    The usual suggestion for flavour reasons is Goose Fat, which does seem to produce a decent crispness. Be sure to bang the potatoes about after blanching before roasting them, that helps a lot.

    I bash them about good and proper :)

    Duck fat brings a lot of flavor too :)

    Second time today, Goose or Duck fat have come up (I was googling Garlic Confit). I don't cook Goose or Duck, so I'd have to buy it from a foodie site like Williams Sonoma. Is Goose/Duck fat worth the price premium? Olive oil has served me well.

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    10 years ago

    I think it's more about technique than what fat you use when you're looking for crispy outsides (I'm sure there is at least one question here already that has the technique answers).

    About the only solid advice I would give is that you need to find a fat that tastes good to you, or is neutral if that's your preference, and make sure the one you use won't burn at the temperature you're using.

    Beyond that, it's all about taste and technique.

    edit: I looked for questions that might have solid technique answers, but didn't find any. So I looked out on the greater web and found some advice from Cook's Illustrated. Crisp Roasted Potatoes

    It doesn't have the recipe for free, but the advice is good: Parcook at a fast simmer, get a little rough with the parcooked potatoes to rough up the outside, choose the right potatoes (they liked Yukon Golds).

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