Cheeses similar to queso fresco

  • Queso fresco is one of my most frequently purchased cheeses; among other things I like it crumbled over salads. I do like a lot of common salad cheeses - crumbly goat cheeses, blue cheeses, and feta - but I often want something more mild.

    Unfortunately, queso fresco is not quite so common in stores away from Texas. Are there any common similar cheeses that are more widely available? The best my searches have come up with is "mild feta", but I'm hoping for something a bit better, since in my experience it can be a bit hard to identify mild enough feta in the store, and it's also more commonly sold already crumbled and more expensive.

    It might be worth looking for ethnic markets, but even check what the larger chains near you have; both of the Shoppers Food Warehouse near me have a *huge* hispanic section. (and their produce doesn't tend to look like it's been sitting around for a while)

    @Joe: This is actually a pretty hypothetical question - the store I shop at has plenty of Mexican cheeses. I may move someday, though, and I have friends as far away as Quebec who liked it in my salads and have pretty low odds of anything Mexican in their stores.

  • Dry ricotta or even dry cottage cheese are similar. If you have access to an Indian grocery, paneer is a somewhat comparable choice.

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