How do you properly drain the grease after browning ground beef?

  • Whenever I try to drain the grease from the pan after I have browned ground beef, I always end up spilling a little here and there. I usually just take a spoon and "spoon out" the grease into a bowl.

    Another technique my mother use to use, but only a few times, was to take a baster and remove the grease that way. But, the downside to this is that the grease is extremely hot and the rubber part of the baster would get really hot.

    Is there an easier or better way to do this?

    Could I ask why you want to drain the fat? I usually just keep cooking with it still there.

    i have a metal baster

  • Rob

    Rob Correct answer

    10 years ago

    I use a baster and have never had a problem with the top part getting too hot, perhaps you could consider getting a bigger one so that the fat doesn't get near the top?

    Another option to consider is putting a lid on the pan and tilting it, over a suitable receptacle, then cracking the lid open slightly to allow the fat to drain out without releasing any of the meat.

    I basically do the second option but I don't even bother with a lid, I just use a wooden spoon or something similar; it's normally not necessary to get rid of every last drop of fat.

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