My ginger is blueish... is it safe?

  • I bought ginger at the grocery store last week and kept it, unpeeled, in the fridge. Today I sliced it open and there is a ring of a blueish colour, instead of the yellow I was expecting. The ginger still smells like I'd expect (I haven't tried tasting it).

    Would this be safe for use (I was planning on putting some in a salad dressing), or should I toss it?

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    10 years ago

    Having just returned from Hawaii, I actually have a possible answer for you. There is a type of ginger that you can get there (though it's not all that common, far as I could tell) that's called blue ginger. It's just like regular ginger, only it has the blue layer inside as you describe. There was a guy selling it at a roadside fruit stand when we were there.

    It should be absolutely safe to use.

    edit: I found a link to somebody talking about it. Hawaiian Blue Ginger

    Not only that, but blue ginger is often sold as regular ginger in supermarkets. It's not Hawaiian in origin, though, it's called galangal and its origins (and prevalence) are Asian.

    It's my understanding that galangal is pretty distinct, flavor-wise, from true ginger. The lady at our Thai market was pretty adamant about the difference, but didn't have any galangal so I can't say what the actual difference is. The blue ginger I smelled in Hawaii was indistinguishable from regular ginger. shows a variety of ginger, decidedly not galangal from the looks of the skin, which has a blue ring.

    Galangal is not blue ginger; they are related but very different. The blue tint is perfectly safe, and probably only indicates that the ginger was fairly young.

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