How many points is each chess piece worth?

  • I am a beginner at chess; please answer this for me:

    How many points is each chess piece worth?

  • Rauan Sagit

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    7 years ago

    Individual pieces:

    Pawn - 1 point

    Knight - 3 points

    Bishop - 3 points

    Rook - 5 points

    Queen - 9 points

    Piece combinations:

    Rook and Knight - 7.5 points

    Rook and Bishop - 8 points

    Pair of Rooks - 10 points

    Three minor pieces - 10 points

    Rook and two minor pieces - 11 points

    What does *light piece* means?

    The standard term is "minor piece" and it refers to a knight or bishop. (I've edited the answer to use this term). It's also good to know the term "major piece" to refer to a rook or queen, but it's far less common.

    (-1) The 1-3-3-5-9 guideline is widely accepted and taught, but I've never heard of the piece combination values, nor do I see the point as it clearly depends on the position. Do you have a credible source for those values?

    Yeah. Widely taught isn't a credible source either. But you're right, it all depends on the position. I don't have a credible source. But feel free to find one.

    Isn't a pair of rooks 10 anyway? 5 + 5 = 10?

    Yeah, it is 10 points anyway. This is just a guide for choosing between a queen and two rooks.

    It's interesting how those who downvote barely contribute to this site. I think the whole voting system is as useful as it is broken.

    You might add the "bishop pair" to this list - it's referred to often enough to be worth knowing about.

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