Camera to user view?

  • Let's suppose we have a medium-poly mesh, and we want to snapshot several different closeups by just flying in the camera or using the user's perspective to flyover.

    Is there a keyboard shortcut for adding a camera to the user's current view without all having to moving the camera all over the scene to fit a desired position? The switching back and forth from user perspectives to camera view is annoying.

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    To make your active camera match up with the viewport, use Ctrl + Alt + 0 (Numpad 0, the other zero won't work).
    Also, you can track the camera to an empty with the Track To constraint. This will force your camera to point to the empty, which you can place in the center of your medium complexity face mesh.

    To set up the Track To constraint:

    1. Select your empty first, then camera.

           Both selected, camera is brighter because it is the active object

    1. Ctrl + Shift + C key, and choose Track To from the menu.

         Contraint Menu Pops Up

    1. Then, go to the Properties panel > Object Constraints tab. The Target: should say Empty. Change the To: axis to -Z and the Up: axis to Y.

           Track To Constraint

    Now your camera will always point to the empty, making things easier for you to position.

    Thanks, I got my rep score up, so I was able to add the screen shots.

    yep but my original question was retrieved and altered and now it doesn't fit the original purpose. what you think?

    can this be done with menus? Ubuntu will close the window if i press those keys

    @cammil System Settings -> Keyboard -> Minimize Key -> Set it to 'CTRL ALT 0'. Not the Numpad-0 of course. I'm pretty happy I found this shortcut in Ubuntu! +2 if I could. I used a similar shortcut in MacOSX for the longest time and never new it existed in Ubuntu.

    Or accessible through the (space key) menu : "align camera to view".

  • CtrlAltNumpad 0 will snap the active camera to your viewport position :)

    How do you do this with menus or the Python api? I am on ubuntu and ctrl+alt+0 will close the active window.

    It works under windows

    Its because in windows CTRL+ALT+Numpad 0 is not associated to any system functionality, in UBUNTU it is used to minimize window. There is simple solution, just change shortcut in blender to CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+Numpad 0. Here is described ho to do that.

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