How to reduce vertex count on a mesh

  • I need a way to fix this mesh. It has way to many faces and when I import the .stl to other programs it gives me a broken polygon message, I want to 3D print this object in matter control once I fix the problem.

    enter image description here

    Try the decimate modifier

    My guess is that you don't have too many faces, but actually you have non manifold geometry. Try using the re-mesh modifier with a high settings. This should fix your objects and make them water tight again

  • Select all vertices, hit X button and select Limited Dissolve from the menu.

    enter image description here

    Then hit F6 button and adjust Maximum Angle to get desired result.

    enter image description here

    Then to triangulate the mesh hit Ctrl+T shortcut.

  • The easiest way to reduce the vertex count on a model is probably to use the Decimate modifier. Basically it tries to simplify a mesh, without loosing too much detail. There are also multiple modes, for finer control, but the default one should do for most cases.

    What you need to do is, with your object selected, to go to the modifier tab of the Properties window and add a Decimate modifier. I encourage you to play around with the multiple settings and modes to see which best suits your needs.

    I have the best luck with using the "Planar" setting with the Decimate modifier. Play with the angle to see how it affects your shape. The modifier even displays the face count which is really cool.

    This should be the answer. It's non-destructive and hardly alters the object shape. You also get fine grained control over how many faces to reduce by via the `ratio` input on the modifier.

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