Compress in .tgz

  • I want to compress files in .tgz. I know how to make tar.gz(with tar and gzip) and some people say it is almost the same, but I need to make a .tgz, how??

    You might be interested in .7z and .xz which are great.

  • A tar.gz file and a .tgz file are similar.

    Compress files using tar:

    tar -cvzf <name of tarball>.tgz /path/to/source/folder

    for example, I want to create a backup.tgz or backup.tar.gz from folder /home/user/project

    tar -cvzf backup.tgz /home/user/project
    tar -cvzf backup.tar.gz /home/user/project

    You can use tar cvzf instead of tar -cvzf as well.

    Extract .tgz or .tar.gz files using tar

    tar -xvzf backup.tgz
    tar -xvzf backup.tar.gz

    Mnemonic for compression (the order of the flags do not matter)

    • C ompress
    • Z ee
    • F ile
    • V erbose

    Mnemonic for extraction (the order of the flags do not matter)

    • e X tract
    • Z ee
    • F ile
    • V erbose

    Is there a flag to have a password when you compress your file?

    Nitpick: the order of the flags does matter for **f**: it must be the last flag, otherwise it fails.

    For the flags, **`c`** is better remembered as create, and **`z`** is remembered as compression, as in the `z` from **z**lib, g**z**ip, **z**ip. A better mnemonic would be **C** reate **Z** ipped **F** ile.

    Aren't `.tar.gz` file and a `.tgz` *exactly* the same?

  • It's the same. Just rename the file from file.tar.gz to file.tgz.

    You've forgotten the command for renaming a file: `mv file.tar.gz file.tgz`. Obvious, but worth mentioning

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