Using scp to copy files from remote to home machine

  • This is probably a simple error, but I can't work it out. My computer hostname is Felix (hostname -f returns Felix) I am trying to move a file from my university account to my home computer using scp. I can ssh easily to the remote computer so that connection is fine, the scp syntax I am using is (whilst connected to remote computer via ssh):

    scp [email protected]_computer:/home/myusername/file.odt [email protected]:Desktop/file.odt

    I have tried a number of variations of this, and the error it returns is:

    ssh: Felix: Name or service not known

    Which suggests to me that using [email protected] isn't the right syntax to be using.

    I am not a superuser on the university system and only have access to my files, so cannot access any system files.

    Any ideas?

  • jctoledo

    jctoledo Correct answer

    7 years ago

    You do not need to specify your local hostname to scp a file from your university computer. What you need to do is from your home computer open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and type the following command:

    scp [email protected]_computer:/home/myusername/file.odt /local/destination/path/

    where /local/destination/path is the local path on Felix where you wish to store the file.

    And of course the command is being run from the local machine

    Most people miss the fact that it has to be run from local machine and not from the server side.

  • Ok...couple problems here. You DO NOT need to have the first address if you are on said computer. Lets say you are on comp A. A does not need to have its address written. B needs its IP address written, not its hostname. So... it would be scp /home/user/file [email protected]:/home/user/

    You need your address there, not your hostname. So Felix has nothing to do with this. Do ifconifg and look for your ip, while on that machine.

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