What command should I type to run Chrome from the terminal?

  • I have remote box accessed by VNC and jwm desktop.
    No menus, not desktop icons, only a terminal window.

    I have downloaded Chrome's .deb package and installed it.

    How can I run it from the terminal window?

    You might be interested in this generalised question: How can I know which commands were installed with a package?

    What do you mean what command should you run? If you're vnc'd in, just call the command by the name. If you don't know the name you can always run `x-www-browser` and it'll run the default browser.

  • Well simply typing google-chrome works fine for me. It might not work if you installed Chromium. chromium-browser is for Chromium.

    • For Chrome:

    • For Chromium:


    However if it's a remote box... At least via ssh you must use -X when option connecting to be able to run windowed apps. Like this:

    ssh -X [email protected]

    google-chrome-stable may also be the command.

  • If you get the path where the application is installed then you can run the application from there

    For example to know the path where google-chrome is located run this command:

    whereis google-chrome

    You will get the path like:

    google-chrome: /usr/bin/google-chrome /usr/bin/X11/google-chrome /usr/share/man/man1/google-chrome.1

    Now you can run chrome by either executing two commands:


    Note: it will be applied for all installed applications. Also, It would be possible that you would not get the path /usr/bin/X11 or would get something different.

    Hope you like this way to find the path and run chrome :)

  • In Ubuntu 15.10 this command works very well

    google-chrome www.google.com

    for more options you can use

    google-chrome --help
  • Type


    I use this command and it works for me. I too installed it using the .deb package. So this should work for you too. Typing an url after the command opens the url.

  • Enter to opengoogle-chrome, and exit google-chrome to close the Chrome browser

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