How do I make DOSBox show in full screen mode?

  • I have enable FullScreenmode in Dosbox under Ubuntu 12.04 . But still i am not getting it in Fullscreen. My turbo c++ windows is less than my screen size.

  • First, press ctrl + F10 to lock mouse to dosbox and then try alt + Enter.

  • You need to edit dosbox-0.74.conf as given below

    Go to terminal and type gedit /home/severus/.dosbox/dosbox-0.74.conf

    and make these changes:


    output=opengl #MOST IMPORTANT


    Now save the file and open dosbox. It should be fullscreen with full workspace.

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    • Goto /home/user/dosbox.conf
    • Find resolution
    • Change fullresolution from original to your choice (eg. fullresolution=640x480)
    • Leave windowresolution intact (i.e, windowresolution=original) as you might want a smaller sized window.

    Optional: change fullscreen to true (i.e, fullscreen=true) if you want to start dosbox in fullscreen mode

  • I think the Alt-Enter command makes DOSBox go full-screen. That might not be your problem, though.

    This is the right answer for my problem (which was escaping full screen after alt tab)

  • fullresolution=auto

    for me auto setting on these two functions, works better.

    Ctrl+F10 is for accessing mouse

    Alt+Enter is to switch from full screen to small.

  • Severus Tux solution worked on my raspberry pi, but took up far too much computing power. Extreme lag and overheating followed from just rendering the dos prompt.

    Another solution is to change the "scaler" parameter to a size that fits your screen the best. you can either double, or tripple the number of pixels used:

    scaler=normal2x forced


    scaler=normal3x forced

    pick the one that fits your fullscreen mode the best.

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