Samsung Galaxy S4 will not boot, turns off after 2 seconds

  • My Samsung S4 does not fully boot. It turns off after two seconds after the Samsung screen and before the Cyanogen boot screen. How do I resolve this issue?

    I can't boot into recovery -- it never gets that fair. I also can't reflash as the phone turns itself off shortly after it gets to the flash screen. The phone also randomly restarts. I've tried swapping the battery too.

  • This is the infamous power button problem. I had this too. There are some guides that speak of cleaning the power button, but for me I found this rather rough solution to be effective.


    Alright guys, so I'm back -- it's 2016/04/25. My S5 just broke so I'm downgrading until it comes in the mail. Googling for the same problem and I found my own answer. This time hitting it hard didn't work. So I sprayed the button liberally with DeoxIT D5 and violla, back in business. Hold the phone button side up and just soak it!

    LOL I can't believe that worked

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