How to prevent phone operator from opening spam popups?

  • My phone operator, Movistar Argentina, is sending a lot of spam. I managed to block most of the SMS, however it has now also started opening ad popups on my phone (see below).

    enter image description here

    I've looked at How do I block this (carrier) advertisement dialog? but I cannot find the "SIM Toolkit" app anywhere on my phone to disable it. Is there any other way to block this?

  • laurent

    laurent Correct answer

    6 years ago

    If that can help someone, the app I needed to disable was /system/app/Stk.apk and it was called "Services SFR v4.1.2-LL__zg".

    Sorry, I didn't understand. What do you mean by 'it was called "Services SFR v4.1.2-LL__zg"'? Isn't it just Stk.apk?

    @LuisA.Florit, I guess it's a custom service by the phone operator (SFR), so it would be called differently on a different phone.

    You mean the process/service, or the APK? How did you discover the actual name? I just renamed Stk.apk, but not sure if that will do it. La RPTMQLP a las operadoras de telefonia!!

    @LuisA.Florit, to discover it I think I've used "Root App Delete". In there, you can open "System apps" and view all the apps, including those that are normally hidden. You can then search and disable the app from there.

    Removed the APK and disabled cell broadcasts. No more spams!

    Stk is probably shorthand for SIM Toolkit

    I closed it but looks like it opens again.

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