How to start root shell with Android Studio?

  • I just installed Android Studio. How do I get into root shell on my phone? Or do I have to download ADB separately?

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    Android Studio does not contain ADB, you need Android SDK for it (it is installed on first run of Android Studio 0.9.x and newer). ADB is located in sdk\platform-tools.

    It's possible to add to PATH in Windows and use Terminal inside Android Studio only by command: adb shell and after use su get root shell.

    1. Locate the SDK platform tools folder (e.g. C:\android\sdk\platform-tools)
    2. Open Enviroment Variables in Windows (See
    3. Append the platform tools path (e.g. C:\android\sdk\platform-tools) to the PATH variable
    4. Reopen Android Studio
    5. Use Terminal with adb shell

    Older Windows will maybe need to reboot after changing the PATH variables.

    On newer Android Studio versions, the Android SDK is copied on a folder outside the Android Studio folder; it is downloaded after the first time you run Android Studio. For more information, see Android Studio 0.8.14 in Beta Channel.

    I just installed Android Studio on Windows and there is no .\sdk folder in C:\Programs\Android Studio...

    From new Android Studio is Android SDK separate outside Android Studio folder and is downloaded after first run of Android Studio. For more info:

    Actually, it was installed in userspace (user directory) instead, I haven't used ADB in awhile...

    @MatějTrakal please edit your answer with your comment. It is useful.

    On Windows, running Android Studio 1.5.x, it installed to this path for me: `C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\platform-tools\adb.exe`

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