Disable WhatsApp notifications in status bar and notification menu

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos. I want to stop displaying my WhatsApp message notifications in the status bar and the notification menu.

    I found the answer for Galaxy S4 that suggests:

    • Go to Settings
    • Choose the More tab
    • Choose Application Manager
    • Choose WhatsApp
    • Turn off Show notifications

    But in my device I am not able to find a More tab in the settings menu. Is there any other solution for this?

  • You can disable WhatsApp notifications in status bar and notification menu by doing the followings.

    • Open Whatsapp.
    • Goto Settings => Notifications
    • Under Notifications, choose
      • Notification Tone: Silent
      • Vibrate: Off
      • Popup Notification: No Popup
      • Light: None

    enter image description here

    Tried with this too.with all 4 options but not working. Even i didn't find any other option. Is it not possible to disable the notifications in status bar and also in the list of notification?

    Same problem here, I keep getting notifications in the status bar!

    pretty sure this doesn't work anymore... Probably needs updating.

  • You need to go into the actual Android settings, and then Application Manager:

    Android Settings > Application Manager > WhatsApp

    Then untick "Show Notifications".

    You can then choose to enable pop-up alerts for messages or groups. (In my case I only wanted an alert if a single person sent something to me - not inane group chatter!)

  • I disabled the notifications for whatsapp by going to the application manager for the phone.

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