Unfortunately, System UI has stopped

  • I have PAC-ROM Paranoid-Android (downloaded and flashed from here), and suddenly, after changing some settings (unfortunately I can't reproduce an annoying message started popping up every 2 seconds, it says "Unfortunately, System UI has stopped.".

    Has anyone faced this before?
    Does anyone know how to reproduce the issue or what setting is causing that? I'm sure reflashing the ROM will solve the issue, but I prefer avoiding a reconfiguration of all my personal settings.

    I'm noticing now, that since that message started to bug up, the status bar is gone.

    Did you wipe cache before flashing?

    @t0mm13b yes. Anyway, look at my answer. Issue solved.

  • Enabling quick settings made that popup disappear (Source).

    It's at Settings->System->Status bar->Quick settings.


    While it's good that you managed to reproduce it, this should go as a bug report to PA devs, it's a bit too specific to be a useful answer for Android users in general.

    I wish I'd have a more general answer :( I thought I should share at least this and it might be of help to someone in the future.

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