fastboot doesn't see device

  • I've read a lot of articles about this problem but I can't resolve it. I decided to install my developer application on phone using wifi. To do this I need to do some things with my phone. The first step is to unlock bootloader. I stack on step 8, fastboot oem get_identifier_token shows info < waiting to device >. adb sees my device but fastboot can't. An idea?

    My phone is HTC Wildfire S and these are steps which I am following:

    1. I restarted phone and entered into FASTBOOT USB mode
    2. I tried to run fastboot oem get_identifier_token command but without success.

    I use Windows 7 Professional and my phone is recognized as HT1CSTR05155.

    What is the phone model, and what instructions are you following? Did you reboot the phone in fastboot mode (e.g., by using `adb reboot bootloader`)? What OS you are using on the computer, and how does it recognize the phone at that time?

    Sergey, see my edit.

    Did you update the bootloader? You should see `***LOCKED***` on the phone screen after you boot into the bootloader, otherwise you do not have the proper bootloader version for unlocking. Also check that the phone appears in the Device Manager without any question marks when you invoke `fastboot oem get_identifier_token` — seeing the question mark there means that the fastboot driver is not installed properly.

  • pepuch

    pepuch Correct answer

    8 years ago

    Problem solved. At the end I saw that drivers for android were not installed. I installed drivers from this site and device is visible by fastboot. One thing I don't understand is why adb saw device and fastboot not.

    This is because the phone presents different device identifiers to the computer in these modes, and different drivers are needed, so it is possible to have proper drivers installed for one mode, but not the other. The `fastboot` program is simple and will just show the `< waiting for device >` message forever if drivers are missing. However, the same message may appear if the drivers are installed correctly, but the phone is not in the proper state with fastboot device IDs.

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