How do I avoid the server-specified security policies for my work e-mail?

  • When I signed into my e-mail for work (we're on Microsoft Exchange) there were a number of server-specified security policies (See below) How do I avoid these?:

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    I just received a Nexus 7 and signed into my work's exchange server. When I did so I told me that the server was requiring some security settings. I don't really like those. Especially the one (not really mentioned in the image) which disables NFC which I wish to use for Google Wallet.

    So my question could be answered by:

    • A non-rooting method to disable these settings;
    • A different app which would allow me to still connect to the server but not enforce these security settings;
    • Anything else which I may be missing.

    I remember I found a modified email APK file, or at least the instructions to build it yourself. I just need to find it again!

    It is good to find workarounds to these problems, but it may also be a violation of company policies. So, exercise caution. At the worst case, it may warrant dismissal, especially if confidential data gets into the wrong hands.

    The message says that various settings *can* be controlled, not that they necessarily are. Most admins hopefully wouldn't be so power-hungry to bother disabling NFC or Bluetooth, so you prob would find that they would continue to work anyway.

    And for those who come here through Google and won't balk at the rooting option, here it is

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    8 years ago

    A co-worker said he found a work-around with this app: Moxier Mail. I'm using the trial right now and I like it a lot. I really like that it lets me separate my work from the rest of my tablet. It also doesn't fall under the security requirements. It does require a pin for the app itself and there are useful widgets. All-in-all it seems even better than the built-in E-mail app. The full version's expensive, but my co-worker says it's worth it.

    As of 5/27/2015, the link to the app is broken

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