Why is Play Store showing "Can't install app...Error Code: 910"?

  • I am using Android Lollipop mobile. I have uninstalled preinstalled Youtube app updates. Now I tried to update the app from Play Store. It is giving the error "Can't install app" with error code 910.

    I have tried the following steps:

    1. Deleted Play Store app's cache and data.
    2. Deleted Download manager app's cache and data
    3. Deleted Youtube app's cache and data.
    4. Restarted phone.

    And tried again, still same error occurred. How do I fix this?


    A pity they can't give details in addition to the number. The actions you performed are what's recommended for the 910 in other places. Have you tried following that link? // One page I found names the 910 "Application Authorization". If that's the case, maybe signing out of your Google account and then signing back in might do the trick.

    May be data connection is giving issue, try with WiFi connection once for your updation procedure.

    Try to remove your Google account, then add it again. Clear Google play Data, and maybe check the date and time. Never had this kind of issue but there was an error once in my phone and it was solved by clearing Play Store data.

    Having the same problem right now. I tried downloading an external YouTube APK, it did not work. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling via adb and it did not work either (Error 941). I tried removing the SD and updating, and reinserting and updating, neither did that work.

    Cleared Play Store cache and it works for me. Go to Settings/Apps/Google Play Store/Storage/Clear cache.

  • I had the same problem after trying to upgrade my Snapchat app to the alpha version following a tutorial on the XDA developers forum. After finishing the tutorial, the app wouldn't uninstall, run, or reinstall properly. The solution (for me) was to uninstall the broken app using ADB.

    1. Install adb (if you haven't already).
    2. Enable developer mode on your phone (if you haven't already).
    3. Type adb devices into the terminal / command line.
    4. Tap 'yes' on the authorization prompt on your phone (if you haven't already authorized).
    5. Type adb uninstall <insert package name here> to uninstall the broken app.
    6. You can now reinstall the app from the Play store or wherever you got it from.

    This is my kind of way of solving that issue. If i cant snatch a more superior version of the app than the version in store

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