How to revoke "SMS Services that cost you money" permission?

  • I have an Android 6, Samsung S6 smartphone and today I bought a tram ticket via SMS. Before sending, a warning popped up asking if I wanted to grant the Messages app the permission "SMS Services that cost you money". I assume this was because the SMS ("Premium SMS") is overcharged (by the price of the ticket), since the app never asked for this permission before sending a SMS.

    I replied Yes, since it was a legitimate purchase, but I was in a hurry and involuntarily I ticked the option "remember my choice".

    Now I would like that Android keeps asking me before sending Premium SMSs, since it's a security risk, but I couldn't find a setting to disable this option. Is this possible? Or the only way is to hard reset my phone and reconfigure it from scratch? I can't believe Android doesn't offer this option.

    Which messaging app is it? Does any relevant permission shows up in Settings -> Applications/Apps -> your messaging app -> Permissions?

    It's the standard Messages app, and the only relevant permission is to send and receive SMS messages.

    It appears that there used to be an option to revoke that permission which is not available anymore in Android M, once granted. Related discussion.

    Thanks. I found the same exact page while looking for a solution. And here's a related question, but the accepted answer doesn't work:

    I wonder if this would be an accessible preference to other apps... if so, someone (I'm probably not good enough) could write an app to fix this... I think it would be a shared preference. Did anyone try clearing the cache?

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    5 years ago

    You can choose another setting by going into Settings > Applications > Applications Manager > More (top right) > Show System Apps > Message Service (rather than Messages) > Tap 'Send Premium SMS' > Select Ask, Never Allow or Always Allow.

    On more recent versions of Android (Nougat V7) the setting is at Settings > Apps > Application Manager > More (top right) > Special Access > Use Premium SMS services (may be listed as Use Premium text message services) > Select Ask, Never Allow or Always Allow.

    screenshot of Message service app info

    On which Android version and device did you test your answer upon? I'm asking in response to this comment of mine.

    On my Android (6.0.1) it just says "No permissions". There's no option "Send Premium Text Message".

    I'm running 6.0.1 on the S7 Edge, but my bad the instructions were slightly incorrect. Once you click into the Message Service app the option will show there -

    Did this manage to resolve the issue dr01 and Firelord?

    I run Android 6.0.1 on a S6 and there's no option "Send premium SMS", but I'm glad to see this issue was solved in a newer version. Granting +1 and marking this as best answer.

    Update: Latest security patch added this option ("Send premium text message") on my S6 too.

    Apply the same solution as given in the Accepted Answer to your default messaging app. For example, my default messaging app is Textra. One of these Permissions warnings came up, but was answered by a force other than myself, locking me out of being able to send answer messages to a mobile service I needed to use. I was able to go to the Settings shown above for the Textra App, and change the behavior back to something under my control.

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