Screen turns off during call due to problem with proximity sensor - Xperia Z3 compact

  • I'm using Sony Xperia Z3 compact running Lollipop 5.1.1. My proximity sensor is really faulty (Works only when I press hard on the top left corner of the phone). I'm sure it's the proximity sensor because I used test apps and I can see it's detecting proximity all the time (unless I press hard on the corner).

    Obviously, my biggest problem with that is that my screen goes dark when I make a call (Because the proximity sensor think the phone is near my ear). Trying to use the power button to turn on the screen didn't work so I set the power button to hangup calls (Otherwise I had to wait for the other side to hang up!).

    I've seen many (many!) posts about this issue and tried all the apps who claimed to turn off the proximity sensor and non worked (including using the service setting at *#*#7378423#*#*) :

    • KeepScreen
    • Screen On Call
    • Screenbl - Screen On/Off Sensor
    • Smart Screen On Off
    • Disable Proximity Sensor
    • Proximity Fix
    • Proximity Screen Off Lite
    • On Call Proximity

    I gave them all admin permissions and whatever they asked, but they all failed... The proximity sensor is just too strong for them I guess...

    My only hope is to find an actual dialer app that has an option to ignore the proximity sensor (Used to be a popular option in the past). The Xperia Z3 compact default dialer does not have this option, nor the following dialers I've tried (At least I couldn't find that option):

    • Turedialer
    • DW Contacts & Phone & Dialer
    • Dialapp: KitKat Dialer
    • Reactiv Phone Dialer
    • Contacts+
    • KK Phone (KK Dialer, Lollipop)
    • Ready Contacts + Dialer
    • pixelPhone Pro

    The only app I've found to have this option and it actually worked really well was: Viber, but unfortunately Viber cannot be used as a regular dialer but only as viber-to-viber dialer or viber-out dialer (like Skype credit).

    So please, if you know of a dialer which you're sure has the option to ignore proximity sensor (or: 'keep screen on during call' as it sometimes called), please share it with. Any other original ideas will be welcomed as well.

    Are you familiar with Tasker?

    @beeshyams - these commands would not work for xperia z3 compact. the directory seems to be wrong. Any chance you know what could work for my phone?

    @AmanThakkar - I downloaded Tasker. Could you elaborate more on what I should do with it?

    @ProductManager I'm sorry, I thought you could maybe disable the sensor during call but turns out it's not possible that way. I'm looking for other ways though. Are you having any problems after setting Power button to disconnect?

    @ProductManager I was trying to setup screen on when proximity sensor covered, and when Phone app in use. But it seems that the default setting overrides this. Quick question: is your phone rooted?

    If you're willing to root Android and install Xposed Framework, then I can say that the module, Disable Proximity, worked perfectly on my Android 5.1.1 (non-Sony device)

    @AmanThakkar and Firelod Thanks for trying to help. My phone is not rooted but as 'Firelord' mentioned it might be worth to root it.

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    5 years ago

    I'm sure some of the solutions that were mentioned here will work for other people but unfortunately, the only solution that worked for me was a hardware solution. I took my phone to a lab and they pressed the screen to the back of the phone with some extra glue. After 24 hours the phone was good as new. As a programmer I was disappointed that no software solution could solve my problem, but I still feel obligated to share my solution.

    Thanks for the visual explanation about the glue - despite the fact that pressing the corner worked, I still hadn't understood to what extend the screen was completely loose!

    @Tao I think it was a few millimeters. It was impossible to see when looking at the phone from the front but a little visible when looking from the side.

    Yep, exactly the same here.

    The software solution which worked for me was installing Xposed framework, and then using this Sensor Disabler app. As I say, this has worked for me in the past, but right now I'm struggling to free up the `/system` space to install xposed framework. Very frustrating.

    the problem just happened to me exactly the same few days ago, I don't know the main reason but it is so ! and actually I don't want to trick my device using some (disabler, tasker app or something like that) then is the problem unsolvable unless I take the device to some repair stores ? is it sensor calibration error and needs to be re-adjusted or what ?

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