Disable Screenshot Security

  • Some apps don't allow screenshots so how can I still take a screenshot?

    It is my phone and I should be able to do whatever I want with it so why is there even a feature to disallow screenshots?

    Android 5.0.1

    I never had a app that blocked screen shots what is the app

    It doesn't matter what app it is (an online shopping app and an online banking app) it is the fact that apps have some kind of control of some features of my OS, what's next? Disallowing internet connection while having an app opened?

    Go to setting and dont allow the app to control that permition

    I can't edit the apps permissions nor is there such a permission for this type of control.

    @Pali You'll have to play by the book unless you root your phone.

    @SarpSTA well then I have found the final reason to root it ;)

  • Igettäjä

    Igettäjä Correct answer

    4 years ago

    Banking apps tend to use FLAG_SECURE to prevent the screen from being captured or recorded. There are a couple of ways to disable it:

    1. Smali Patcher module for Magisk. Magisk is officially supported on Android versions 4.2⁠–⁠10.0.
    2. DisableFlagSecure module for Xposed. Xposed is officially supported on Android versions 5.0⁠–⁠8.1.

    The Smali Patcher method requires you to connect your phone to a PC and run a Windows program to actually generate the module. Note that Magisk on Android 4.2 does not support MagiskHide.

    The Xposed method has a big caveat: many banking apps use Google’s SafetyNet platform for checking device integrity, and prevent the application from being used on devices that have Xposed installed. This renders the module useless in SafetyNet-enabled apps, and there is currently no way to hide Xposed from SafetyNet.

    Use these modules with caution, as they disable the flag system-wide.

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