After my PhD how much salary should I expect as a professor of computer science?

  • It's easy for me to find out salaries for tech-jobs but it seems Professor salaries are quite hush-hush. I really love to teach and would be more than willing to join academia. However, I may choose to work for a few years in the industry before doing so. But even for information sake it's really really hard to figure out a tenure and tenure track professor's salary. It's rude to just ask my professors/colleagues directly :P

    I'm interested in knowing an 'expected' range for the following countries - preferably both state and private universities (Computer Science). I'm not sure if there is a difference between the MS/PhD faculty and BS/B.Tech/BE though, but it'd be great to highlight the same.

    • United States
    • Europe (Switzerland, Germany more preferable)
    • Australia/New Zealand
    • India/China

    Intent of information - awareness to take a better decision on the 'money dimension'. Please don't get me wrong, I am not intending to take a job with the most money but if a faculty position pays USD $50,000 per annum after 5 years of intensive effort, I'd like to hold off for a while. If "it depends" then on what does it depend and after I satisfy those dependencies, what can/should I expect?

    UPDATE: Just for clarification, I am on the verge of completing my PhD thus piquing my curiosity about the remuneration since it's difficult to ask your advisor or other faculty members. I have and mostly been asked to wait for infinity for the response, hence the question :) I just wanted to know so that I can take an informed decision when I'm at the crossroads of applying for academia vs industry. Please don't get me wrong. I DO NOT wish to undermine the value of a PhD. I'm genuinely curious and I personally enjoy every bit of my work and it's NOT ABOUT THE MONEY :)

    The framing of the question is weird. _Before_ getting a PhD, you have no hope of a professor position at all. The number of years you take to finish your PhD has no significant effect on your expected salary. There is absolutely no guarantee of a faculty job after completing a PhD, even in computer science; quite the opposite. And finally, CS professors make *significantly* less than their peers in the computing industry; if you're really that worried about money, **DON'T GET A PHD**.

    @JeffE - noted and updated accordingly. Apologies for that. I'm NOT worried about the money, just curious :P

  • For the United State, see for salary survey data in computer science. Of course, as Suresh points out there's enormous variation. The median salary for a tenure-track assistant professor in computer science at a US research university is about $90k, but some make quite a bit less.

    Note that the $90k figure is out of date - check the survey itself. Median in 2015 is up to $99K. They survey will be a few years behind, too, so it's worth extrapolating based on growth over the past few years (seeks like ~$3K growth per year).

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